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Tai Chi Safety Tips

1.  Make sure your body is ready for Tai Chi

Tai chi practice has many health benefits, but it can be strenuous. It is always a good idea to get a check-up or talk to your doctor before you begin any new physical activity.

2.  Inform your tai chi teacher of physical limitations

If you have any health issues related to physical activity, always let your tai chi instructor know.

3.  Pay attention to body position

Good body structure - posture - is important for

preventing injuries.

4.  Keep your knees on the straight and narrow

Always keep knees aligned with toes. Never twist your knees – keep them straight using only the natural bend of the knee’s hinge joint.

5.  Keep knees behind toes

In the 70-30 stance, never extend your front knee beyond the toes.

6.  No pain allowed

If you ever experience pain – Stop Immediately! Let your tai chi instructor know and seek medical attention if pain persists.

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