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Crane Dance Class

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This class includes several, more intricate "crane" moves that are not taught in Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong.
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Crane Dance is a gentle form of tai chi that is  both mindful and meditative. Stationary crane, qigong, and tai chi moves are taught and combined in a continuous fluid sequence that tells the story of Young Crane finding his “Great Purpose”.

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If possible, it is recommended that students take at least 1 month of Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong prior to starting the Gentle Tai Chi Sequences class. 

Qigong and Tai Chai moves strengthen back muscles that help improve posture
Qigong moves increase blood flow, stimulate the production of sinovial fluid, and encourage the flow of lymph
Qigong moves improve joint flexibility

Class starts with 15 minutes of warm-up activities from the 4000-year-old Chinese practice of Qigong (Chee-gong):

- Stretches

- Breathwork

- Movements to stimulate/improve:


        Circulation      Joint flexibility        Posture         Relaxation

Qigong and Tai Chi focus on releasing tension in the muscles and taking slow full breaths to promote relaxation

The remainder of the class is spent learning and practicing the Crane Dance moves and sequence.

Working on a sequence provides the additional health benefits that come from:

Correct Arm and Body Position

Arm and Body Position colored.png

Extended Stamina

Extended Stamina.png

Fluidity of Motion

Waves of the universe - waves 4.png

Waves of the Universe


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Transitions Between Moves

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