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Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong class

Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong
Class Details

Gentle Tai Chi - Qigong consists of gentle movements and stretches that help improve circulation and release stress.

  • These stationary moves are an ideal form of exercise for anyone that has balance issues.

  • This class is a great way to get introduced to tai chi.

Gentle Tai Chi was developed specifically for people with Parkinson's and those with balance issues, but it is great for everyone.

Qigong and Tai Chai moves strengthen back muscles that help improve posture
Qigong moves increase blood flow, stimulate the production of sinovial fluid, and encourage the flow of lymph
Qigong moves improve joint flexibility

Class starts with 20-30 minutes of warm-up activities from the 4000-year-old Chinese practice of Qigong (Chee-gong):

- Stretches

- Breathwork

- Movements to stimulate/improve:

        Circulation      Joint flexibility        Posture         Relaxation

Qigong and Tai Chi focus on releasing tension in the muscles and taking slow full breaths to promote relaxation
Gentle Tai Chi uses rocking motions to build strength in hips, knees, and ankles to improve balance
Gentle Tai Chi repeats each move several times on each side to build stamina as well as strength
Gentle Tai Chi uses slow repetitive moves to build strength in the tonal muscles responsible for balance and fluidity of movement

The second half of class focuses on stationary movements taken  from the 2000-year-old Chinese practice of Tai Chi. Each movement is repeated 3-5 times to each side using either gentle forward-back or side-to-side rocking motions.


These moves help improve:

       Balance            Brain health        Muscle Tone      Stamina   

                           (new neural pathways)

Gentle Tai Chi uses unfamiliar combinations of arm and hand positions to stimulate brain activity
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